The 17 1971 Pontiac Judge Convertibles

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The original collection of information of these cars was probably collected by Fred Simmonds of PMD.


This information is from Steve Hoog's old site,

This is being placed here in memory of Steve


I am always looking new information; please email me with any help you are willing to share:

Color chips A and B


1.      Cameo White, ivory, white, Auto VIN # 242671P131352  Pontiac invoice Sold New Kansas City MO Date Shipped 12/27/70
Current owner unknown
Sold at Mecum Indy Spring auction May 22, 2010 $ 246,000
Previous owners Bill Wieman in AZ and Mike Green in CA.

2.      Cameo White, ivory, white, Auto   VIN # 242671P133658    Pontiac invoice   Sold Marsh Pontiac Ardmore PA Date Shipped 3/3/71
Current owner the Norris Family.
Dr. Tom Lanes: The
car was bought by Roger Norris in 1979 from Dr. Tom Lane in Levittown, PA.
It is now in the Brothers Collection in Oregon (Portland area) Dec 2015. Thanks to John W. Green for info
Car was reportedly last 71 Judge Convertible built/sold. Pontiac Letters

3.      Cameo white, black, black, Auto VIN # 242671P1*****
No information

4.      Quezal Gold, black, black, 4 Speed VIN # 242671P121426 Pontiac invoice Sold New Milford NH Date Shipped 02/05/71
Currently in New York
Sold RM Auctions 11/14/2010 $286,000

Previous owner Milt Robson in Georgia whom restored it. During Restoration
Previous owner Gary Daniels in Tulsa probably sold for $300,000+ See
HERE in blue, to the right of the TAs.
Prior to Gary was owned by the original purchaser who painted it blue in before taking delivery.

5.      Aztec Gold, sienna, sandalwood, Auto VIN # 242671P1*****
No information:
Retired NHL hockey legend Teemu Selanne is rumored to own a 71 Conv. Judge. Possibly This one? Would like verification.

6.      Aztec Gold, ivory, white, 4 Speed  VIN # 242671P1*****
Its been a long standing rumor that this car was totaled just after it was sold new; within the circle of those who are in the know.

7.      Special paint Camaro Rally Green, ivory, white, Auto VIN # 242671P1*****
Current owner Mike Green in California.
Current owner of motor previous car owner in Florida.
Previously owned in FL.

8.      Tropical Lime, black, black, Auto VIN # 242671P110472 Pontiac Invoice  Sold New Charolette NC Date Shipped 01/12/71
Current owner unknown.
Rumored in Texas.
Previously in Canada and for sale at Legendary Motor.
Previous owner Dan McKinnon's in VA.

9.      Tropical lime, black, white, Auto VIN # 242671P101929 Pontiac invoice Sold New Kansas City MO Date Shipped 09/20/70
Current owner Alan Reed
Previously owned in Kansas for 20 years.
Additional Pictures:
1 2 3 4 5

10.  Cardinal red, black, white, Auto VIN # 242671P104128    Pontiac invoice   Sold New Pontiac MI
Current owner Steve Ames, un restored.
Previous owner Tom and Mary Frank:
Pictures from previous owners: 1 2 3 
Window Sticker

11.  Cardinal Red, black, black, 4 Speed VIN # 242671P106957 Pontiac invoice Sold New Lynn MA Date Shipped 12/14/70
Current owner Kevin Suydam in Seattle.
Previous owner Gary Cave.
Car previously in Sweden. The car in Sweden back in the 70s:
Previous Owner Jan Suhr in Sweden concerning this car with some interesting stories and pictures:  Letter

12.  Laurentian Green, black, black, Auto VIN # 242671P110372 Pontiac Invoice Sold New Landsdowne PA Date Shipped 01/08/71
Current owner Tony Lang in Ontario, Canada
Sold 2013 $232,500 RK Motors
Sold 12/10/05 at auction for $197,500
Restored by Scott Tiemann.
Previous Owners Steve and Noreen Brown's.
Window Sticker

13.  Laurentian Green, ivory, white, Auto  VIN # 242671P113032  VIN # 242671P113032    Pontiac invoice   Sold New at Beloit Motor Co., Beloit KS
Current owner Mike Green in California.
Previously from Colorado.

Current Pic

Current Pic A
Current Pic B
Current Pic C
Current Pic D
Current Pic E

14.  Canyon Copper, sienna, sandalwood, Auto VIN # 242671P110916 Pontiac Invoice Sold New Sodus NY Date Shipped 01/04/71
Current owner Ron Johnson of Potomac Classic PA.

  Starlight Black, sienna, white, Auto VIN # 242671P1*****
Rumored to have been destroyed in a fire sometime in the 80s.

16.  Lucerne Blue, blue, white, Auto VIN # 242671P108149
Current owner Larry Morton AKA ID fvgramps on Performance years, after restoration pics: 1 2
"Judge" pkg, Safe-T-Track, P/B Radio, PS, PB, Mats frt/rear, Console, Turbo Hydromatic, Rally wheels, MSRP $4865.05.
Partial Build Sheet

17.  Castilian Bronze, Sienna, Sandlewood, Auto VIN # 242671P110366 Pontiac Invoice Sold New St Cloud MN Date of Note 12/29/70
Current owner Tom Stutzman in Georgia.
Time frame unknown on this PIC



Paint Code found on PHS (Letter):


Number Code*

Letter Code

Starligt Black






Cameo Ivory



Adriatic Blue



Lucerne Blue



Limekist Green



Tropical Lime



Laurentian Green



Nordic Silver



Cardinal Red



Castillian Bronze



Canyon Copper



Quezal Gold



Aztec Gold



Top Code found on PHS:









Dark Brown


Dark Green



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Eric Stevens is running a 71 GTO registry, please take the time if you are lucky enough to have one of these cars:
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An open letter from Eric:


The 1971 GTO & Judge Convertible Registry


This is a registry of all 1971 GTO convertibles, with or without the Judge option. There were a total of 678 built, 17 Judges and 661 non-Judges. Hardtops with or without the Judge option are NOT included in this registry.


The purpose of this registry is to verify and record how these automobiles were built, and how many are still in existence. It also brings together those of us with a common interest in preserving this piece of automotive history.


Please understand that information requested is for verification purposes only, and will be kept STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. Only generic information will be shared among registry members or others.


This registry is provided as a service by a fellow GTO enthusiast.






Below is information provided by various interested parties.

The special paint car was painted a color that is close to 69 Camaro Rally Green, ordered by a Florida dealer to pay tribute to Florida's state symbol the Alligator. It is probably close to being fully restored

One of the board members from Classical Pontiac had an interesting accounting, as follows: gmman Bio 8/10/05 8:30 There was a Green 71 Judge convertible here in Fla back in the 80s which I looked at and was purchased for $750 dollars by someone named Earl but the car did not have the numbers matching engine. The previous owner pulled the engine to restore the car and never got around to restoring the car. He drove it with another 455 engine and sold it to Earl Ostericher who advertises in Hemmings. Earl had the car for sale around 1988 and sold it to a person on the west coast for $8,000. The previous owner still has knowledge of the original 455HO engine but the current owner wants to buy the engine back for a cheap price. This same owner sold another numbers matching 71 Judge convertible White for over $100k but was real cheap on his offer on the engine which still resides in Florida. Go figure

Update from a web veiwer8/23/05: Hello Steve, I have seen your post on Performance Years Website for the 71 Judge Conv and I wanted to provide you with some updated info. First, car number 3, the picture you have linked/displayed is actually a 70 GTO Conv with Judge stripes. I know this because I was the show coordinator and have other pictures from other angles that can verify this. Also the car was owned by a friend of mine. Secondly, Car # 14 is in Georgia, I have seen it multiple times, I thought it was to be at the GTO Nats this year but it was not. The car is should be or 95% done a frame off resto, the last time I saw it; it looked very, very nice. Unfortunately I do not have any pics of the car or have the VIN for it. I know it is real because I remember the car being for sale about 5 yrs ago up in New York or the North East and then going to this guys shop and seeing the car. If I can be of further assistance, please let me know. Steve: So I have removed the info on car 3, and listed 14 as in GA, hopefully a pic will turn up soon.

Uncle Judge from Performance Years board had this: Hey Steve, I am fairly certain that the Cardinal Red car (#10) is the one that Steve Ames bought out of my town in the late 80's or very early 90's. The car had been in the same family for years and was passed down from a Factory Zone Rep. That one was an original Red car with a TH400. Kevin at Ames confirmed this to be true. 8/23/05